May 13, 2021

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The London stock Exchange to new concerns about the coronavirus

By Le Figaro with AFP

The London market started the session sharply lower Thursday (-0,87%), due to renewed concerns about the coronavirus, of which the balance sheet has surged in China after a change in the counting mode. To 08: 20AM GMT, the FTSE 100 index of the main values lost 65,79 points to 7 468,58 points. After a certain easing of fears around the outbreak in recent days, the british market was accusing him again and kick. “Just when the markets seemed to get rid of their fears over the coronavirus, an alarming increase in the number of deaths and cases fell flat european markets,” says Connor Campbell, analyst at Spreadex.

China announced Thursday, about 15,000 infections additional by the coronavirus, a bond record, and justified by a new definition of cases of infection. This figure was fuelling the speculations according to which the severity of the epidemic of viral pneumonia, now called Covid-19, may have been under-estimated.