May 13, 2021

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The coronavirus may have an impact of 0.1 of a point” on growth

Guest BFM TV-RMC this Thursday morning, the minister of the Economy gave its first forecasts of the impact of renamed Covid-19 on the French economy. “If one believes that the peak is achieved or nearly achieved, the impact on the chinese growth will be of the order of a point on the year. Which would mean 0.1 percentage point of growth in the least for France. It is our assessment”, he announced. If the epidemic persists, “of course, the impact will be more important”, he continued.

Bruno The Mayor also lauded the net decrease in the rate of unemployment in the fourth quarter of 2019 published by the Insee on Thursday morning. The level of unemployment in France is at its lowest level since the end of 2018. “I’m looking forward for the French and the entrepreneurs. This is a landmark success for France and its economic policy,” stressed the minister at the microphone of Jean-Jacques Bourdin. He “hopes” to achieve the goal set by the government to achieve a rate of 7% in 2022.

The boss of Bercy attributed this success to the reduction of the tax on capital for businesses, the learning “taking off” with 16% of new apprentices, as well as the increase of the premium of activity. These good results are “an incentive to pursue this economic policy,” said Bruno Le Maire. “Now, with Muriel Pénicaud, we will address the training and qualification especially in the hospitality industry”, he announced. However, “there are still costs too much” (for companies, editor’s note). The minister confirmed that “a beginning of the lower taxes for production companies as of 2021, once we have found an agreement with the local authorities that levy this tax.”

Asked about the pension reform, the minister of the Economy spoke of “a parliamentary debate trashed by the obstruction of the opposition” and an “institutional gridlock”, in reference to the thousands of amendments tabled by France Insubordinate in the last week.

On a completely different level, four days after the warning of China against a potential of exclusion of Huawei in the race to the equipment of the Télecoms with the arrival of 5G in France, the minister said that “Huawei will not be left out of the 5G in France. Everyone is entitled to a place on the market, but we put limits to protect our sovereignty,” warned Bruno Le Maire.