June 20, 2021

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Milos Raonic on 25 years of Raptors fandom, risking it all for the All-Star celebrity game, witnessing The Shot

Milos Raonic is known for being one of the more analytical players on the ATP tour. He dissects his game endlessly in order to make incremental improvements in the hopes of giving him slightly better odds to win any given match.

So when asked recently why he loves basketball, it should not have come as a surprise that Raonic did not just provide a rote response about appreciating the dunks or athleticism or the highlight-reel passes.

“In basketball, you see so many times where one individual can step up and change the whole rhythm of a game,” Raonic said. “For me, being in an individual sport over the years, that has always been a big fascination.”

Raonic’s family left basketball-mad Yugoslavia, now Montenegro, in 1994. They settled in suburban Toronto just one year before the Raptors made their NBA debut. Despite no family history of playing the game competitively — both of his parents are both engineers —  a familial…